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2014 American Coach Revolution 42W

Setting New Limits in Design
Article Date: September, 2012


The Revolution is an aptly named motorhome. When initially launched by Fleetwood, it featured a cutting-edge design that still impresses to this day. Recently moved to Fleetwood's high-end American Coach line as its entry-level model, the Revolution is available in a 38-foot double axle or a 42-foot triple/tag axle floor plan. The particular coach that we chose for this review was the 42W model.

Traditional raised rail chassis place the fuel tank immediately behind the front axle. The bridged design of the Liberty chassis allows the fuel tank to be relocated to a mid ship location for better weight distribution which is a huge plus on any tag axle diesel pusher. The 14,600-pound capacity front axle is equipped with 305/80R 22.5 LRH tires while the drive and tag axles were equipped with 295/80R 22.5 LRH tires.


American Coach uses a vacu-bonded sidewall, floor and roof construction. The sidewalls lock into the roof and floor with an aluminum interlocking channel design. Flush mounted windows provide a streamlined appearance and minimize wind noise. Side mounted patio and window awnings as well as enclosed slide toppers are standard equipment.

This particular coach was done in the Gold Starfire paint scheme, using DuPont paints with three clear coats that provide an attractive glossy finish.

The Revolution breaks ground with a unique instrument cluster that attaches to, and moves with, the steering column so that it always remains in plain view of the driver.

Cockpit Area

The modern cockpit breaks traditional design, most notably in the instrument cluster. The cluster is mounted to the steering column and moves with the steering column if it is tilted or extended so that the gauges are always easy to see. Its center console is filled with a circular array of rocker switches while a rear view camera monitor and navigation/entertainment system finish out the dash area. A cabinet located over the entry door houses all of the control panels for the inverters, automatic generator start, leveling system, energy management system, slide outs and a host of other functions.

A comprehensive control panel is located immediately over the entry door and serves as a central location for the various electronic components.

The stylish center console contains a number of rocker switches that can easily be accessed from either front seat to operate the various accessories.

The side view cameras are located in the mirror housings rather than attached to pods on the bodywork. This makes for a cleaner look but also offers a better three dimensional perspective with more depth of view.

The solid surface covered entry steps are hinged to provide additional storage for small items.

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