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Global Expedition Vehicles

Exploring the Earth, Roads are Optional
Article Date: March, 2015


Your typical RV is taken for weekend regional trips as well as longer vacations, traveling between RV parks and campgrounds. Dry camping is possible to some extent but the energy and water demands of the typical RV have their limitations. That's fine for most RV owners, who consider themselves "travelers". But what about those who would like to get off the beaten path and see and experience areas not attainable by the typical RV. These people are true "explorers" and they need a vehicle capable of transporting them to these areas and providing suitable living accommodations. This opens up a whole new class of RV, called Expedition Vehicles.

Expedition Vehicles are a major departure from your basic RV. They are designed to be able to traverse terrain that is inaccessible for most RVs and need to be durable enough to hold up under the stress of driving over terrain not suitable for most vehicles. Expedition vehicles generally don't utilize campgrounds either so they need to be self-sufficient to a greater degree than other RVs. These requirement dictate a whole new way of thinking when designing and building expedition vehicles.

The leader in this field is Global Expedition Vehicles. GXV produces a wide range of vehicles that can be customized for your specific travel style. Units range from a heavy duty four wheel drive pickup truck chassis, to the Mercedes Unimog chassis, to larger units based on Navistar or Freightliner chassis. If you want to go extreme, GXV can build you a unit based on BAE 6x6 or even Mercedes 8x8 chassis if you so desire.

Global Expedition Vehicles are designed to operate in any terrain and climate conditions.

Global Expedition Vehicles are available in a number of chassis, from small to large. This Mercedes Unimog chassis is designed for true no-compromises travel.

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