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2007 Allegro Bus 42QRP

Road Test, Review and In-Depth Inspection
Article Date: July, 2006


I recently inspected a 2007 Allegro Bus 42QRP at King's Campers in Wausau, WI. Because this is the model we were most interested in purchasing, I gave it a very thorough inspection and took the time to write up my findings here for the benefit of anyone interested in purchasing this particular coach. I should mention that we did order one about month after this review.

The 2007 model year brought 45 changes to the Allegro Bus. A complete listing of these changes as supplied by Tiffin Motorhomes, as well as a 2007 Retail Price List (east coast) can be accessed at This Link. While none of these changes were radical departures from the 2006 model year, they are significant and really do give added value to the 2007 Allegro Bus. The 2006 model year brought one very significant change to the Allegro Bus. The basement access was redone to provide easier accessibility and larger compartment door size that actually increased the basement storage hatch size by 10". In the past, whenever a triple or quad slide floorplan was used, the basement hatch covers were fairly short due to the mechanism required to operate the slide-out. In 2006 the slide-out mechanism was changed from a below-the-slide system to a new system where the slide operating mechanisms were now side mounted. This, coupled with the new side hinged hatch covers, yielded a 10" increase in height. This innovative design is carried over into the 2007 model year.

The 42QDP and 42QRP floor plans are not available with propane furnaces and conventional water heaters. Instead, the 42' coaches are only available with hydronic heating, which is standard equipment. Normally, whenever you add a tag axle you decrease the basement storage space by 4' because the extra axle eats up that much storage room. So, comparing a 40' non-tag axle coach to a 42' tag axle coach you should theoretically lose 2' because you gain 2' in overall length but you take away 4' for the tag so the net loss is 2'. However, Tiffin did an excellent job of designing this coach around the hydronic heating system. By eliminating the two propane furnaces and the electric/gas hot water heater they were able to gain some valuable room, which was incorporated into storage space. By situating the Hydro Hot unit in a key spot they have vastly improved basement storage space. I found that instead of losing space, there was a very slight gain in storage space compared to my Allegro Bus 40DP and there was much more space than the Country Coach Allure with the 42' Siskiyou Summit floor plan. Tiffin did an excellent job engineering that room.


The 42QRP that I viewed at King's Campers was in the Sunlit Sand color scheme.




The above images show some of the changes made this year. First, the front and rear caps have been redesigned. No really radical changes but a few slight tasteful changes have been incorporated. Both the headlights and driving lights have been upgraded and some slight recontouring of the front cap was done. The older Trailblazer taillights were replaced by a pair of taillights and the engine access doors were enlarged to provide better access for service. Again, minor recontouring was done to the rear cap. Also, the side profile shows the new awnings and slide covers that are new for 2007. The awning and slide toppers are no longer exposed but are now encased in black covers that hide an ugly awning material, help protect it, and really give a high end look to the coach.

Several new features have been upgraded in the 2007 exteriors. The old oval plastic docking lamps are replaced by custom high intensity docking lamps that are integrated into some new molded fiberglass. The keyless entry panel is now incorporated into the new illuminated grab handle this year rather than being a separate item.



The turned exhaust pipe extension has been replaced by a straight extension that doesn't stick out as far and is less susceptible to damage. The front mirrors have been upgraded to a new taller design. This gives much better visibility. The arms are a new sleeker design and incorporate integral turn signals.



The 42QRP comes with three 15,000 BTU low profile air conditioner/heat pump units. A departure from previous years is the replacement of the Dometic air conditioners with the RVComfort Polar Mach units. They are still low profile but they look more like a residential A/C unit with a top fan. At first glance this appears to be an upgrade over the Dometic units previously used.

The usual tinted Fantastic Fan vent covers can be seen in this photo but an optional 100 watt solar panel is also shown. I didn't see this in the printed Tiffin price list but it was listed on the Tiffin window sticker at $1,050 MSRP.


The entry door awning has been extended this year. The awning now covers the passenger side window as well as the entry door for increased protection.

An amber porch light is located over the entry and is controlled by a switch inside the doorway. A second light is located midship on the driver's side and is controlled by a second switch.

In this picture you can also make out the black anodized awning hardware that replaces the brushed aluminum.


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