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About Me

I guess I've always had a few interests that have always been with me most of my life. I first became interested in photography when I was 9 years old. I took lots of picture and, for a kid, they turned out pretty good. My dad eventually obtained a pilot's license so I took a number of aerial photographs as well as pictures of aircraft. I always dream that if I ever won the lottery one of the first things I'd look for is a classic fighter from the WW-II area. Of course I don't enter the lottery so I guess that's not going to happen. I was also interested in mechanical things so most everything I had needed to come apart to see what made it work. This continued through my teen years as I found myself building fast cars and squeezing extra horsepower out of them and shortly after high school I got a job working as a diesel mechanic on over-the-road trucks.

While my parents never traveled much, my grandparents did and they introduced me to the great American road trip. Eventually they moved to Florida so I spent enough time traveling between my home state of Wisconsin and their home in Florida. Fortunately, when I met my wonderful wife to be, she loved to travel too. Leann and I live for our road trips and vacations and can generally count the days until the next one. Originally we traveled in a Chevy Suburban and stayed at motels. We traveled to both the east and west coasts but our heart has always been in the west. The western United States is truly one of God's crowning achievements in His creation. From the red rock desert country of Arizona and Utah to the snow capped Rockies in Colorado and Montana to the rugged coastlines of the Pacific Northwest there just isn't any better scenery. And, along with this spectacular scenery, is abundant wildlife. It's a true photographer's paradise.

Eventually the "electronic" portion was added to my interests. I became interested in computers and began programming in ICOBOL, which later branched into building computers, laying out networks, and creating websites. The photography portion of my life merged with the electronics portion as I added video production to my interests. Some of the sites we've seen just don't lend themselves to static photographic images. Trying to capture two bison sparring, a bull elk bugling in the fall rut, or an Orca breaching in the Straits of San Juan with a camera just doesn't cut it so I'll use video to capture that footage and an AVID Media Composer editing system to bring together a finished product.

Our traveling habits also took another quantum shift. We decided to prepare ourselves for eventual retirement by getting into RV'ing. An RV would allow us the ability to affordably spend a great deal of time traveling so we chose a motorhome because it best suited our lifestyle. We tend to move around often enough rather than sit in one spot all summer and the flexibility of a motorhome really was a great fit for us. Naturally, my "take it apart and see if we can make it better" habits came into play so I found myself doing a number of upgrades to my RV to further improve it. Many of these mods and upgrades are shown in the website.

RV'ing has become the perfect blend for me, pulling many facets of my life together. First of all, it's a machine so I can maintain it myself and do any mods I'd look to do. Secondly, it lets me spend lots of time traveling with my wonderful wife. Leann and I get to see even more of this great country and we're just at ease spending a night in a truck stop as we are at home. It's given us the chance to photograph and videotape more scenery and it also combined the electronic portion by my involvement in the IRV2 and TiffinRVNetwork websites. Plus Sundance got to travel with us now and that just adds to our enjoyment. He actually thought that we bought the RV for him. Unfortunately Sundance is no longer with us (that's him in the photo above) but his replacement, Dakota, is stepping right into his spot and seems to think he inherited the motorhome from Sundance. He does let us drive it though and cook for him. Dogs are so generous that way. Either way, we just couldn't imagine travelling without our buddy and a motorhome is the perfect solution for that.

As we patiently (well, not too patiently anyway) wait out these next few years until retirement we travel as much as we can. My business is a tool and equipment rental-sales-service center for contractors and homeowners so I still get to do the mechanical things as well as write our own computer software and do our company website at www.qrents.com. It also gives me the flexibility to schedule my trips, although I pay dearly with a work overload when I return.

In the meantime I've been busy writing articles for Family Motor Coaching magazine as well as other freelance work in the RV field. I enjoy helping others and the people I've met and the friends I've made in the RV industry are some of the best people around. I'm looking forward to continuing this once I retire.

My last interest has been music. I still have my original 1967 Fender Jazzmaster guitar and Twin Reverb amp. However, the music I play changed about 20 years ago. I now play Sundays on the worship team at Christian Life Assembly of God in Plymouth, Wisconsin and lead worship at First Assembly of God in Blanco, Texas whenever I get the chance to spend time down in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, which will hopefully be our future home one day. God has been so good to me and I truly enjoy playing songs of praise and worship on my 40 year old guitar. And yes, the amplifier does have a range of 8 city blocks so I can still crank it up if I want.

I hope you enjoy the website.

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