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Article Date: November, 2011


One of the many benefits of travel by RV is that you get to experience the many sights, sounds, and smells of this great country. We are truly blessed to live on a country with such diversity that you can travel it for all of your life and never experience it all. That diversity continues in the food we eat. From southern grits to Maine lobster to Tex-Mex, the food is as unique as the people who make it. When traveling by RV we are able to experience the unique flavors found throughout our travels. We also have the fortune to be able to bring those local foods into our own RVs for our own cooking. While traveling in our motorhome Leann and I have found a number of places that we would rate as favorites.

Who could ever turn down great pizza? Our most favorite pizza place is Beau Joe's Pizza just west of Denver in Idaho Springs, CO. Beau Joe's is most famous for their Mountain Pies, which can be adorned in any possible configuration that you can imagine. Their thick butter crust is something you won't find anywhere else. We always have them make a couple of extra half-baked pizzas to go that we stuff into our RV's basement freezer to take along for future consumption.

Pie is one of my favorites and Montana must consider it an essential food group because it's easy to find wherever you go. The specialty is Huckleberry pie and the best I've ever had was at Three Sisters Cafe near Glacier National Park in Babb, MT.

The ham steak at Lambert's Cafe, the home of the throwed roll, is huge and comes in its own frying pan.

Beau Joe's Pizza mountain pies are worth the drive.

Amish food is another thumbs up in our book. We frequently load up on cheese, meats, preserves, and baked goods when in Indiana's Amish country. One popular place for pies, preserves, and most anything Amish is Das Dutchmen Essenhaus restaurant and bakery in Middlebury, IN. If you are ever visiting the Amish country of Indiana or seeing the RV capital be sure to make a stop in Middlebury and fill your RV fridge with their Banana Cream, Strawberry, or Rhubarb Custard pies and load up on homemade preserves and noodles.

And let's not forget ice cream. It's one of the great American traditions and who could possibly not enjoy it. The Elevated is a great ice cream shop in Port Townsend, WA. Also know for their cheesecakes and other frozen deserts, they have made the 10 Best list repeatedly. If you want a unique treat to go the Huckleberry ice cream that is sold by the scoop in the various ice cream shops in Wyoming and Montana is a great choice. It's not sold in stores but if you go to the Willcoxsin's Ice Cream factory in Billing, MT you can buy a keg of the stuff at their factory outlet. You will need a basement freezer though to fit it into your RV.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do goes the saying. But, when in Jackson Hole, do as the cowboys do. Your biggest decision there is whether to order Buffalo, Elk, or grass fed beef. The Gun Barrel Restaurant in Jackson, WY is a former wildlife museum that is now an excellent restaurant, specializing in local game. You can enjoy your buffalo ribeye or elk medallions while seated beneath a head mount of Bullwinkle or gaze over at the many elk, bison, bighorn sheep and other animals adorning the premises. Local stores sell bison and elk and you can grab some of that to take back to your RV's galley to prepare for future meals.

Homemade pies are a popular treat in Indiana's Amish communities.

Seattle's Pike Place market is home for a number of vendors, including Pike Place Fish.

Perhaps the best place to do your grocery shopping is in the Pacific Northwest, which is known for its wide palette of cuisines, not the least of which is it's plentiful source of seafood. Seattle's Pike Place Market is the world's most famous farmer's market. You can eat there if you like but they key is to load up on the local delicacies and bring them back to your RV. Hint - Be sure to bring a large cooler. Pike Place Fish is home of the Flying Fish and you can pick out your fish and they'll toss it back to the crew for weighing and they'll sail it back to you if you like. It's a real crowd-pleasing show. Uli's Famous Sausage is another popular place ever since featured on Emeril Live and a wide selection of natural meat sausages is sure to please any palette. Throw in some nice ripe Rainer Cherries from the fruit vendors and all that's left is to try to find enough room in the RV to fit it all.

Overall, travel by RV affords the traveler the luxury of being able to find healthy, quality foods that fit their needs and desires. We're not stuck with having to put up with whatever restaurants are available at mealtime and can partake of local delicacies as we see fit. Yet, when we want to we can treat ourselves to dining out at those special places. It's just one more aspect of RV travel that makes it so much desirable.

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