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Eddie Bauer Airstream

A refined and Functional Travel Trailer for Backcountry Use
Article Date: March, 2011


Eddie Bauer is acknowledged as the premier outdoors outfitting operation. Airstream is well known as an icon in the travel trailer industry. Putting heads together from both of these innovative companies has resulted in the Eddie Bauer Airstream.

The trailer is not just a rebadged Airstream with different trim and decor. It's redesigned and packed with features that meet the specific needs of those RV owners who want to take to the backcountry and not just hang out in RV parks. We were at the unveiling of this new product at the National RVIA Show in Louisville and had a chance to talk with Bob Wheeler, the CEO of Airstream and learn more about this innovative new design.

Bob Wheeler, CEO of Airstream introduced the Eddie Bauer Airstream at the National RV show in Louisville.

The Eddie Bauer Airstream is the ultimate outdoor experience. At 26-feet long and 400 cubic feet of storage space the Eddie Bauer Airstream has plenty of room to store your cargo. The key feature is the large 48 inches wide cargo hatch at the rear of the RV which swings up to allow loading of kayaks, bicycles, or other large gear.

The rear hatch opens to allow convenient access for storage of large items, such as kayaks, surfboards, bikes and more.

To accommodate this gear, the dinette and lounge furnishings swing away to provide ample room to store your gear. Tie-downs located in the interior help to provide handy places to secure your gear from movement during transport. Once your gear is unloaded the lounges and dinette fold down to create an attractive, yet functional living space. To further enhance your outdoor experience a pull-down screen keeps those pesky insects out while still allowing the occupants to enjoy the outdoor experience through their open hatch. Large panoramic windows in the lounge and bedroom areas let you soak in the view.

Loading a kayak through the rear hatch is much easier than wrestling it onto the roof of an SUV. However, gear can get wet and boots can get muddy when enjoying the outdoors. For this reason the Eddie Bauer Airstream is designed for easy cleanup. The floor is a rubberized material that is non slip so you won't have to worry about slipping on wet floors. The Sunbrella fabrics in the lounge/dinette are stain resistant and easy to clean. The rear bumper features a non-slip Aquatrac rubber-like cover that flips up to expose additional storage space for fishing rods or other long items.

Most RV owners travel with pets so Airstream has kept this in mind when designing the Eddie Bauer Airstream. Heavy-duty tie up hooks are provided beneath the RV to prevent Rover from running off and chasing a deer. They can also be used as tie-downs to secure your gear to the trailer. The screen door has strong mesh guards in place to protect the screen material. If your pet takes a lunge at the door or scratches it, you can be assured that your screen material will remain intact. The Sunbrella fabrics in the lounge are also pet friendly and tear resistant.

Sturdy tie-downs are provided to hook up your four-legged buddy.

The Eddie Bauer Airstream has been re-engineered and has 16-inch wheels and premium Michelin tires to provide increased ground clearance to allow safe access to your favorite backcountry spot without bottoming the trailer on rough terrain. To help keep the RV clean, rugged wheel cladding and fender flares have been added to prevent mud from slinging up onto the shiny aluminum exterior.

Naturally, you don't want to live in a utility vehicle that has the decor of a storage locker. Airstream and Eddie Bauer have teamed up to provide all the comforts of home with an attractive decor in an outdoors theme. Warm and fluffy Eddie Bauer Signature goose down pillows and comforter are standard and a pair of branded backpacks and a duffel bag are also included for those hikes away from the RV.

Even the awning is an Eddie Bauer creation, made of Fern Green Sunbrella fabric and branded with an Eddie Bauer logo. Airstream quality is evident throughout with maple and soapstone laminates and the usual attention to detail typical to an Airstream product. For those who are caught out in the rain, a retractable clothesline in the bathroom plus extra racks in the bedroom allow for plenty of places to dry wet clothing.

The Eddie Bauer Airstream comes equipped with a 39 gallon fresh water tank, 39 gallon black water tank, a 37 gallon gray water tank, and a 6 gallon hot water heater so that you can be self sufficient and spend adequate time in the great outdoors. An handy outside shower attachment is provided to wash off gear or the dog. Climate control is provided by a 25,000 BTU propane furnace or a 13,500 BTU air conditioner with heat pump.

All in all, this is not your grandfather's Airstream. The Eddie Bauer Airstream is a unique RV designed for the special demands of backcountry camping. It provides storage for the kinds of cargo that today's outdoor adventurers want to have while still retaining the quality and comfort level typical of an Airstream. It's the perfect mix for today's lifestyle.

The lounge/dinette furniture folds up to increase storage area. Perimeter tie-downs are provided.

The Aquatrac non-slip bumper cap provides great traction for wet footwear and covers an additional storage area.

Increased ground clearance is provided by larger Michelin tires and 16-inch wheels. Fender skirts protect the side of the trailer from slinging mud and stones.

The new Eddie Bauer edition features this signature green awning.

Aluminum mesh protects the screen door from punctures.

A pull-down screen keeps the bugs out while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors.


Airstream, Inc.
(877) 596-6111

Eddie Bauer
(800) 426-8020

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