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2018 Winnebago Revel

A Motorhome Capable of Travel Off the Beaten Path
Article Date: September, 2017


Not every camper fits the stereotype of the typical camper. Parking in a campground or RV park sitting around the campfire and enjoying the company of other RV owners. The lure of being on the road in your own RV has been reaching the younger generation who want to get out there and enjoy the freedom of the open spaces while taking part in many activities, such as mountain biking, hiking and kayaking amongst others. For this new breed a different type of RV is required, one that can take them to these destinations. If you're the kind of person that imagines yourself spending the night in the bottom of a canyon or parked beside a mountain lake, Winnebago has a motorhome for you.

Winnebago's new Revel breaks from tradition. It's a class B motorhome, which normally is a van dressed up with RV amenities and suitable for touring. But the Revel is just as happy off the road as on it. A number of class B and small class C motorhomes are built on the Sprinter chassis by Mercedes Benz. This popular chassis is powered by a fuel efficient 3.0 liter diesel engine but the Revel kicks it up a notch by utilizing a four wheel drive chassis.


But the off-road capabilities of the Revel's chassis are matched by similar features in the RV itself. This RV is designed for travel and camping in out of the way locations and needs to be compact to handle the rigors off off-road travel yet have enough room to comfortably handle the needs of its occupants. You'll have plenty of room for your gear or bikes in the large 140 cubic foot storage garage in the rear of the Revel. This area also makes into a sleeping area by the power lift bed that lowers from the ceiling. No one said that roughing it has to be uncomfortable. A flared body provides extra width for plenty of room. Dual pane windows with insulated shades help keep the interior cool in hot weather and warm in cool weather. Welded aluminum cabinet face frames create a strong structure that can sustain the vibrations and twisting from travel.

The large flared body handles a storage garage can handle up to 140 cubic feet of storage space.

The bed is lowered from the ceiling via a power bed lift mechanism.

The floorplan does a great job of packing in usable space in every nook and cranny. The pull-up dinette table can be folded out for more room and is located between the bench seat and the driver's seat, which along with the passenger's seat can be turned around to face the rear of the motorhome when parked. Built in large screen LED TVs might be commonplace in most RVs but the Revel is compact and that area is better served by cabinetry. Besides, a vehicle like this is designed for remote locations where TV signals may not be accessible and the scenery is more interesting than what's on TV anyway. However, an iPad cradle is provided for anyone who needs online access or to streaming media.

The 31" x 26" Gear Closet and Wet Bath contains a cassette style toilet, shower head and teak shelving for storage.

All cabinetry uses pop-out latches for a secure hold when traveling. The refrigerator is compressor-driven to allow safe operation when the vehicle is not level.

The galley is compact but quite functional. Rather than devote storage space to an on-board LP tank, the Revel has no propane appliances. The induction single burner cooktop is located directly above a compact refrigerator. This fridge is compressor driven which allows the refrigerator to operate at extreme angles that would damage the typical RV fridge with evaporative cooling. The stainless steel bowl sink has a fold-down faucet and a glass cover top allow that area to be used as workspace when the sink is not needed. A flip-up counter extension adds even more room to the galley. Slide open the side door and a table that is attached to the galley can fold down to allow you to dine in the outdoors.

The galley contains a stainless steel sink, induction cooktop and refrigerator. An overhead mount is
supplied for an iPad.

The cockpit seating can be rotated to face the rear of the motorhome for use as comfortable seating when camping. A bench seat can hold two more passengers when driving and also is positioned to face a fold-down table which is shared by the bench and driver's seats. The table also folds out to make a wider table for dining indoors. A large fold-down table is also attached to the outside of the galley cabinet. When the side door is slid open the table can be dropped down to afford ample outside dining space. After all, you're not apt to find any picnic tables wherever you take your Revel. Just extend the wide power awning and enjoy the view and open air.

The cockpit seating rotates to face rearward when camping.

A fold-down table also folds out to make wider table for access from the driver's seat and bench seat.

A drop-down table makes into a dining area for outside dining when the side door is opened.

Boondocking with the Revel means that sewer hookups aren't possible. The 21 gallon gray tank does have a holding tank and dump valve with sewer hose connection. The 5 gallon toilet is a cassette style so that it can removed for ease in burying human waste far from the campsite. A 21 gallon tank holds your freshwater supply. The water heater is an on-demand tankless style. Both the water heater and furnace are diesel powered. No LP is used on the Revel to maximize storage space and dry camping time.

The cassette toilet is easily removed so that the refuse can be dumped or buried away from the camp area.

The rear ladder is removable and can be relocated to the side for easy access to rooftop cargo.

The roof area holds a cargo rack and solar panels.

The Revel is made for carrying whatever recreational gear you might want to carry. The sturdy rooftop rack is fitted with tie-down fixtures and brackets for carrying kayaks and other cargo. A solar panel provides free electricity and is flanked by a vent fan and rooftop air conditioner. Access to the rooftop is gained by the removable ladder, which can be relocated to either side of the vehicle for easy use.

The Revel is equipped with alloy rims and off-road tires designed to provide great traction when wheeling off-road.

Heavy duty non-slip running boards also serve as rock rails to prevent damage to the rocker panels when traveling over rocky terrain.



The Revel is built for off-road travel and the BF Goodrich T/A KO2 tires are mounted on alloy wheels for allow the Revel's on-demand four wheel drive system enough traction to apply that power to the ground. The running boards also serve as protective rock rails to prevent rocks from damaging the vehicle's rocker panels. When you combine the off-road worthiness of this chassis with the features built into the motorhome you come up with an attractive package for any outdoor enthusiast who wants to get off the beaten path for extended times. The Revel is built to take it while delivering a comfortable environment for a compact vehicle of this size. All in all I predict the Revel will be a big hit with younger RV buyers who want to explore the great outdoors.

44E Floorplan


2018 Winnebago Revel 44E

Base Price: $134,799

Standard Features:

  • LED interior lighting
  • Silver Forest full body paint
  • Kool Kiwi interior wood option
  • Insulated shades
  • Power patio awning w/LED lighting
  • 30 amp power cord
  • Solar panel battery chargers
  • Rearview monitor system
  • Dual battery charge system
  • 2,000 watt inverter/charger
  • Swiveling cassette toilet
  • 2.5 cubic foot residential refrigerator
  • 49" x 79" Power Lift bed system in rear garage
  • 25" x 69" Flex Bed by dinette
  • Running boards w/ ground effect lighting
  • Rear and side screen doors
  • Hydronic heating system
  • Galley drain pump
  • Single burner induction cooktop w/ glass cover
  • Stainless steel sink w/ folding faucet and glass cover
  • Cargo and luggage rack w/ relocatable ladder
  • Flip-up countertop extension
  • Fold-down outside dining table


  • Performance Wheels and BF Goodrich T/A KO2 all-terrain tires
  • Large Screen Infotainment Center w/ Rand McNally GPS Navigation
  • 13,500 BTU Low Profile Air Conditioner


Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 8,550 lbs.
Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR): 13,550 lbs.
Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW): 7,180 lbs.
Trailer Hitch Capacity: 5,000 lbs.
Wheelbase: 144 inches
Overall Length: 19' - 5"
Overall Width: 7' - 1"
Overall Height: 9' - 10"
Fresh Water: 21 gallons
Gray Water: 21 gallons
Chassis: Mercedes-Benz 4x4 Sprinter, on-demand 4WD
Front Axle: 3,970 lb.
Drive Axle: 5,360 lb.
Brakes: Anti-lock brakes
Fuel Tank Capacity: 26.4 gallons
Engine: MB 3.0 Liter V6 Diesel
Horsepower: 188 HP
Torque: 325 lb-ft
Transmission: MB 5-Speed Tip-Shift automatic


Winnebago Industries
(641) 585-3535


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