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UviaLite Air Purification System

Eliminating odors and bad bacteria from your RV's holding tank
Article Date: Aug, 2022


The Installation


The UviaLite system isn't very complicated. In a nutshell, you just mount the unit in your RV's basement, connect it to a 12 volt DC power source and run some PVC pipe to the unit. The basic unit is marked with an inlet port and outlet port for 1-1/4" PVC Pipe, which is available at any home improvement store. A pair of wires connects the unit to a 12 volt hot power source while a pair of wires attached to a green LED indicate when the unit is on and the UV bulb is intact.


The unit can be mounted either horizontally or vertically so that it can be used in almost any location. I chose a blank area on my basement wall in a compartment that was next to the holding tanks. In my case I mounted it vertically so that it was easiest to connect the inlet and outlet plumbing.



The next step as to drill a hole in the wall to pass the outlet pipe into the next compartment where the holding tanks were. I used a 1-3/4" hole saw and then drilled a second hole in the basement floor so that the inlet pipe would extend beneath the coach and bring in fresh air.


I then aligned the UviaLite module's outlet elbow to the hole and fastened it to the wall. The UviaLite can be left running 24/7 and the only time you would probably want to remove power from the unit is if you put your coach into winter storage. Seeing as how I live in Wisconsin, the coach does get winterized over the winter months so I decided to mount a rocker switch in the wall to allow me to switch off the unit during winter storage.



I then used my miter saw to cut some 1-1/4" PVC piping so that I could connect the UviaLite to my holding tank. Normally holding tanks use spin-weld fittings but seeing as how this was at the top of the tank I simply drilled a hole in the top of the tank, used a PVC-to-ABS cement and glued in a threaded PVC adaptor. I also added a bit of sealant around the joint, just in case. I then fitted a length of PVC pipe and an elbow to connect to the UviaLite module's outlet port.


The last step was to cut another PVC pipe to bring in fresh inlet air. Once all of the pipes were fit I glued them up with PVC cement and switched on the power.


The results were as expected. No odors were present in the coach under any circumstances. I haven't had any maintenance, although I'll probably have to replace the UV bulb in a couple of years. We haven't had to use any chemical in our black holding tank and just use the black tank flush attachment every now and then to ensure that the tank bottom keeps clean. I definitely give the UviaLite system two thumbs up.


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