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Allison Generation 5 Prognostics

Accessing Prognostic Information from your Electronic Shift Controller
Article Date: April, 2017


Fluid Levels

Allison transmissions rely on transmission fluid to lubricate and cool the transmission as well as transfer hydraulic power. Transmission fluid is the life blood of any automatic transmission therefore it is critical that the proper fluid level be maintained at all times. If the fluid level is too low the converter and clutches do not receive enough fluid to operate effectively and may be damaged. If the fluid level is too high, the fluid can aerate, which will cause the transmission to shift erratically and overheat.

Checking Fluid Levels

To enter the oil level check function:

  1. Park the vehicle on a level surface, shift to Neutral(N) and apply the parking brake.

  2. Simultaneously press both the Up and Down arrows one time.

  3. The fluid level reading will be delayed until the following conditions are me:

    • The engine must be at idle.

    • Transmission is in Neutral(N).

    • Output speed must be zero.

    • Fluid temperature must be above 140oF and 220o F.

    • Vehicle has been stationary for two minutes to allow the fluid to settle.


4. The shift selector displays the oil level data as follows:

Fluid level is Okay

Fluid level is 2 quarts low

Fluid level is 3 quarts high

5. If the oil check cannot be completed, one of the following fault messages will be shown:


Press any range button to exit the oil level check function.

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