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Exploring Yellowstone by RV

Navigating Your RV Safely Inside America's Oldest National Park
Article Date: May, 2011


The Mustangs of Bighorn Canyon


Just north of Lovell is the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation area. If you stop at the visitor center you can drop the RV and take the toad up the road into the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range to view the mustangs.


The Pryor Mountain Range is a wide, expansive area. Rather than the typical mountain jutting up from your location, you are actually up on top of the mountains and many of the views are canyon-like.


Within the varied terrain of this area you will find herds of wild mustangs. A short hike from the road generally put you within photo range.


Even without the wild mustangs, the Bighorn Canyon in itself is very scenic. The canyon was created as the Bighorn River flowed and carved it's way through the softer limestone, creating an ever deepening canyon.


Okay, I've probably overloaded you with information. Hopefully, it'll help you to plan your trips to this area. There's far more to see and do here that could be undertaken in even an entire summer so lay out a basic overview trip and plan on returning later to further dive into specific areas that interest you. Do try to allocate plenty of time though. The biggest mistake is to only allow a few days in Yellowstone. You need a bare minimum of 4 days just to cover the highlights while 6-7 does a much better job. Each season has it's pros and coins. Much of everything is still snowed in in spring so mid-June is the earliest that you can travel here without encountering too many closures. The streams and waterfalls are impressive as they are filled with snowmelt runoff. July and August are always safe bets weather-wise but that's when the crowds are at the highest too. Also, the hotter temps and sun tend to keep the wildlife hidden during the day as they seek shade and rest. Fall signals the beginning of the elk rut, which is always spectacular. Plus the kids are back in school so the crowds are down, although many support facilities close down mid September so there's tradeoffs either way. The main thing is to just get there, take lots of pictures, and enjoy. Have a safe trip.


Beartooth Highway
(307) 250-1510

Red Lodge, Montana

Buffalo Bill Historical Center
(307) 587-2777

Top of the World Resort and Store
(307) 587-5368

Cody Country Chamber of Commerce
(307) 587-2777

West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce
(406) 646-7701

Gardiner Chamber of Commerce
(406) 848-2446

Xantera Parks and Resorts
(866) 439-7375

Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center
(800) 257-2570

Yellowstone National Park
(307) 344-7381

Pahaska Teepee
(800) 628-7791


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